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We grow and sell excellent quality fresh fruits and vegetables Offer fresh fruits and vegetables, preserves, jams, and other quality foods to our customers Treat each guest with warmth, respect, friendliness, and courtesy Foster a better understanding of agriculture in Canada and a connection to nature Treat our employees with honesty and respect

We serve our greater community by growing vegetables, fruit, meat, and eggs. We sell through multiple venues, create our fermented foods line, and offer experiences and connections to the farm through various events, dinners, festivals, workshops, and artistic partnerships. No pesticides and herbicides are used on our farm, which means we work with nature to maintain the integrity of the soil, ensuring that it will not be depleted when entrusted to further generations.

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Growing quality crops

Nature Sustainable

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+1418 221 7946

Qualified Staff

We hire the best qualified staff to give the best to the farm

Natural Products

We retain natural best practies to ensure quality produce is delivered.

Fresh Vegetables

You can always get your vegetables freshly delivered any day.

Native Cattle

Our ranch is well taken care of and breed native species..


Taste, appearance, conservation, regularity and food safety are all important factors in the growing of fresh vegetables. Many partnerships are in place, and we bring together all the expertise required to achieve the highest quality standards.

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